Full cycle game and app development suitable for any platform, we take it personally!

We strive to be your partner and not simply means for an end outsourced offshore. Working overtime when necessary and holding the quality bar no matter what.

We have earned 3rd place in a worldwide competition held by Samsung and Oculus!

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Our services:

Servers &
2D art &
3D art &

Developing scalable, reliable and elaborate games, which hook players for a long time. Main focus lately being on Unity framework using C# and .NET supporting all major platforms.

If you’re like us and care about the bleeding edge of technology, we have stuff to talk about. Say a VR or an AR prototype or a full blown project, sprinkled with multiplayer, easy backend and analytics for each device feasible.

You need a fully-featured, high-speed, low-lag backend? Thanks to .NET, we got you covered there. Our specially trained technicians will also tend to security question a great deal, militating ill-spirited users and protecting the project from hacks, cheats, denial of service and other common attacks.

Any drawing style, UX/UI, animation you might want done best way possible, that’s the rule of this game.

Being a game dev studio we support everything we need concerning 3D and if you ask us to do anything 3D and we’ll do it, no matter how hard!

Our works

virtual reality

Nuclear Plant live in VR!

Prototyping of game tools & environments


virtual reality

House of languages

mobile app

Happy Builder 2




Virtual painter



Headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

We are a software development studio, fulfilling a wide range of ideas, from everyday problems to highly experimental questions. And you don’t scare us with phrases like: Let’s put backend at the frontend so the iframe-band lies near the document end.

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