We are the CHAMPIONS in VR / AR and mobile game development

Twocookies.me - professional full-cycle development of mobile and AR / VR applications.

We are a multinational developer of Mobile/VR/AR applications and mobile/browser platforms. Operational since 2010, by year 2015 we achieved 3rd place in a worldwide Samsung Oculus VR JAM competition outrunning over a 1000+ competitors.


Our main direction is the development of mobile games and AR/VR enabled applications for everybody. First major success came with winning the VR JAM competition.


Over the last two years we have grown to a size of 16 employees, implemented bleeding edge project management systems, strongly believing this is just the beginning of a long journey.


We have over 20 projects behind our backs (many of those are protected by a Non disclosure agreement) for large clients ranging from the USA to Australia, including Europe, helping to service hundreds of thousands users worldwide.



Why us?


Research and Development

We are 24/7 online for you, meanwhile reaching out for more ways of bettering the workflow and development process. Using all popular messengers to their full potential allows us to achieve maximum flexibility understanding and encapsulating your ideas.


Over 10 years our hard as nails team has gathered enough experience to release quality products and still we learn new technologies everyday, as the progress never stops. Naturally at the end of every development and before release, comes “Testing phase”, that eventually eliminates 95% of bugs.

The team

Anything is possible

First of all, we are like a family. One for all and all for one. Every single member feels personally responsible in bettering their teammates.

Any task posed to us we embrace as a personal challenge. Every project has been released the best way possible, even if that meant working overtime through a weekend.


If something catches your eye, give us a nudge and we’ll be there for you

in no time!

Here are all the platforms we work with

Virtual and Augmented reality


  • Developing prototypes, proof of concepts, MVPs
  • Unity3d, UDK, HTML5
  • Full stack Back-end services
  • Full game-, app- and experience development
  • Support of Google Cardboard, Oculus and Vive
  • Augmented Reality for a majority of mobile devices
  • Tango technology supported development



3D art and animation

2D Art:

  • Concept Design
  • Illustrations
  • UI development
  • Logo Design
  • In-Game Art
  • Subdivision and organic modeling
  • Model optimization for games
  • Texturing
  • Texture Baking/Painting/Skinning
  • 3D Rendering (VRay)
  • Environment Design

Which we use every day in our interesting work




Our team consists of creative professionals of different specialties working hand in hand.



We work together like clockwork! For the sake of product quality. For the sake of reaching your goal. Your goal is our goal as well - and we are going to reach it together.



Our 10 year long experience enables us to deliver high-quality products, that earn love in players hearts all over the world.