Custom Development


Sci-fi flying simulator for custom developed hovercraft!

COSMO was made exclusively for custom entertainment system with physical basis. Do you remember the hamster spheres? It’s sort of like that. But here the sphere is your spaceship which will carry you to the world of fascinating flights and intensive cosmic combats. You can imagine yourself as a star fleet battle hamster or just piloting your ship in the environment of constant laser action.

Feel The Flight. Oh, many games were trying to utilize that feature. Since COSMO has a physical basis in the form of actual sphere, we think that we succeeded in the creation of actual sense of flight.

Exciting Gameplay. There’s the main rule of a good action game. They must be spectacular. Well, in COSMO you wouldn’t waste any time on boring things. Oh, oh, calm down, mate, let your lasers to cool off!

Smooth Control. There’s no place for annoying. There’s no place for frustration. It’s just a pure harmony. You’re in the game. Follow the white rabbit, Neo. But, seriously, nobody likes when the game constantly annoys you with bad control. It’s not the case of COSMO. Let it flow and it’ll flourish.