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VR game «House of Languages»

A new way to learn languages with VR (3d, audio, voice and text).

Especially for helmets Virtual Reality (VR).

Android 5.0+ VR GEAR

Language learning process takes place in a gamified form, which rapidly accelerates memorizing and foreign word recognition.


We implement unique learning mechanic:


Look:    See object’s name

Hear:    Hear object’s name

Say:       Say object’s name

Touch:  Touch it!


We consider this method to be the most efficient way of learning a foreign language.


Age doesn’t matter, as you see a relaxing, yet engaging way that makes learning fun.


Game Development - Engineering, Unity3D Programming, gamedesign - Twocookies.me


Art work done by Maxim Miheyenko and art team.


Main Idea by Maxim Miheyenko, Elvina Antonova and Eugen Fedorov.