Virtual reality

of languages


Look: See object’s name
Hear: Hear object’s name
Say: Say object’s name
Touch: Touch it!

Can the language learning be an incredibly joyful adventure? - Sure, why not. Came to visit Mr. Woo and you’ll see for yourself. He will guide you through multiple rooms of his magical house, where you get to search for different objects for your cute explorer.

Language learning process takes place in a gamified form, which rapidly accelerates memorizing and foreign word recognition.

Excellence in VR-design House of Languages came in third at the Samsung Gear VR Competition 2015 contest. John D. Carmack himself was reviewing our game. It pretty much speaks for itself. The game has a very smooth control and inventive settings were made to ensure that your eyes will get something to gaze on.

Unchained Fantasy It’s embarrassing that mostly educational games are looking so boring. Like a technical app or something. We think that the games are art. And nobody will be wanting to play with a textbook, right? In House of Languages we let our fantasy to fly freely in order to make not just a useful game but a fascinating world around a useful game.

Check Your Knowledge If you think that Mr. Woo will just explain you the object names, you’ll wrong, my friend. It’s not a guided tour. The game is filled with exciting tests to ensure that you’ll carry a piece of his wisdom on your way back.

virtual-points title medal Bronze 3rd place in worldwide VR Competition (Samsung Gear VR, 2015)