Virtual reality


VR experience —
“look ma no hands!”

Virtual Hands: VirtPaint is an app designed mostly for giving people with special needs opportunity to draw without using hands. In virtual environment you can create your very own masterpieces via moving your head. Release your inner artist and him walk freely. Now, with Virtual Hands he has some stuff to do.

Virtual Art Studio. We never wanted to create a regular painting app with paper and brushes. Look around. Can you see? Can you feel this open space around you? This roomy art studio is at your disposal now. Pretty awesome, right?

Eyes vs Brushes. Now your eyes can not only perceive something beautiful but create your very own masterpieces. This is your one and only instrument and it works perfectly. From now one no circumstances can bury your artistic talent.

Audience-friendly Experience. Initially this was game for people with special needs who can’t express their creative potential due to their disabilities. However, during development we understood that Virtual Hands is something much greater. Yes, for someone it will open an opportunity to overcome the handicap. But other groups can aim an interesting challenge. Just how good an artist can you be without your hands?

Critics likes it! Perhaps, we achieved that because it was actual pleasure to make this game. Virtual Hands were critically acclaimed at the Samsung Gear VR Competition in 2015 where it earned its spot in TOP-16 projects. Audience and judges acknowledged excellence in VR design and uniqueness of our main idea. John D. Carmack himself was reviewing our game. But hey, it’s not about showing off or something. We just wanted to let you know.