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Voice assistant «BUDDY-AI»

Coming soon!

Soon you will be able to give home in your smartphone to a smart, capable, resourceful and talkative personality for kids and adults - Buddy the robot.



VR game «House of Languages»

A new way to learn languages with VR (3d, audio, voice and text).

House of Languages - is a new way of learning a foreign language in a fairy tail virtual reality environment with Mr. Woo. He will guide you through multiple rooms, where you get to search for different objects for your cute explorer Mr. Woo.


VR game  «Virtual Hands»

Drawing without using their hands!

Drawing with the eyesight, made available for everyone!

Virtual application VirtPaint offers a remarkable ability for everyone with motor difficulties to draw simply by looking.




The project is mandatory to be integrated in several France’s educational facilities.


Presentation «Mene ton Enquete»

A simulation of road accidents and means for its prevention.

VR game «Tank You!»

The tanks are already in virtual reality! Shoot and kill enemies!

Imagine! You are a tank!


A tank that courageously engages enemy at WWII frontlines.




and more 20+ projects (NDA)