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VR game «Tank You!»

The tanks are already in virtual reality! Shoot and kill enemies!

Android 5.0+ VR GEAR

Virtual France, 1943.

Enemy tanks are everywhere! Your team consists of:

Handsome hero, angry gunner and kind medic. It’s mission is to crush the enemy and will the battle!


TANK YOU - is an arcade for everyone from 15 to 115 years old, comprised of cartoon styled textures, dynamic physical effects and funny characters.


Controls and Mechanics:


Head tracking inside/outside of tank.

Tap to shoot.


You can shoot through the perspective of the Hero or Gunner (by swiping up or down on the touchpad).





You can switch between characters at any time and use the best features of each one.

Phone vibration as a shot imitation.


In this game you are never alone, it is probably the first VR game where you are playing alongside a virtual friend as one team!

Game Development - Engineering, Unity3D Programming, gamedesign - Twocookies.me


Art work done by Maxim Miheyenko and art team.


Main Idea by Maxim Miheyenko, Elvina Antonova and Eugen Fedorov.