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VR game  «Virtual Hands»

Drawing without using their hands!


Android 5.0+ VR GEAR

Drawing with the eyesight, made available for everyone!


Virtual application VirtPaint offers a remarkable ability for everyone with motor difficulties to draw simply by looking.



Hands free,

Touchpad free,

Controller free,

only a vr capable device is required.



You are an artist. Use your head’s motions, as if you draw with your sight, in order to create art as you see it.


Choose among different brushes and drawing styles, while listening to relaxing music in the background.


We have created VirtPaint, specially to improve the life of people with disabilities, who wish to express the way they see the world. Because of that we have high hopes for this project, and wish to see it successfully take off.


Game Development - Engineering, Unity3D Programming, gamedesign - Twocookies.me


Art work done by Maxim Miheyenko and art team.


Main Idea by Maxim Miheyenko, Elvina Antonova and Eugen Fedorov.