Virtual reality

Nuclear Station VR-trainer

Virtual future of nuclear energy is real!

Nuclear energy. One of the greatest achievements of humanity. Great power. And even greater responsibility. Training and education of professionals working on nuclear stations are crucial not only because they provide us with energy. It’s more about safety. That’s why in real world Homer Simpson would never work at the nuclear station.

Our team in association with a subsidiary company of ROSATOM developed VR-trainer for advanced education of nuclear specialists in the most similar to the real life environment. Except it’s virtual. And safe.

It’s Useful Usually, education with real equipment for servicing nuclear station requires a huge amount of theory. Our VR-trainer allows to gently incorporate the achieving of practical knowledge into the theoretical studying. That kind of practice may help future nuclear specialists to earn experience. In RPG it could be considered as a cheat.

It’s Handy It’s not just about safety and the fact that VR-training does not require an additional machinery. All info is delivered directly to the operator wearing VR gear, thereby reducing the number of panels, buttons and button panels. The VR - trainer is not an imitation of the nuclear station interface. It’s something that can make those interface handier and more ergonomic.

It’s Cheap Try to calculate what it costs to keep at least a couple of working displays and we’re don’t even talk about other equipment. Using VR in the nuclear energy area may bring the fresh perspectives for the future. It’s saving the workspace, sorting the info and, yes, it’s cheaper. Maybe in the future nuclear energy specialists will forget that word «monitoring» is ascend to the «monitor».